Lac Luna

Lac Luna is set in 15 acres of picturesque countryside, situated in the Picardie region of France.

Close to the village of Bourg-Et-Comin on the edge of the champagne region, it is an easy 2 hour 20 minute drive from Calais with only one toll road on route to the lake. All of the local amenities, including a supermarket, McDonalds, Tobacs and a petrol station are within 9 kilometres, in the town of Fismes.

The Lake

A stunning 12 acre lake completely tree lined, with crystal clear water ranging in depth of around 4-11ft.

Fishing here has been described as next level carping compared to your average French fishing trip, with over hanging trees and snags all around all the margins, you'll never be short of features to fish to. Early on in the year the weed is up and the water is tap clear, so going out in a boat and setting traps in the clear areas is a great way to trip up the wily old residents. Come June time some of the weed dies off, leaving the water less visible to see the bottom, so using a prodding stick or marker rod to find them clear areas becomes the norm.

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The lake was originally stocked in 2008 with 230 carp at over 30lb, with certain residents breaking the 60lb barrier. The current lake record is 62lb.

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